The Sloane

For a more geometric style with crisp, clean straight edges The Sloane is a perfect feature to have in any modern day set up. Carved from block limestone this surround gives you a precise, methodical look. Pared down to the simplest lines, the ultra-modern Sloane limestone surround in fact has its origins in 1930’s styling.

Despite its fixed size we can combine this with a variety of fire types whether it’s inset or open with our ‘Made to Measure’ Slips & Hearths.


Natural Limestone

When looking for something organic and individual, Natural Limestone is one of the best materials to choose if you want your fireplace to tell it’s own story. Each source of Natural Limestone is formed differently and features fossils, veining, silt and many more natural occurrences that give Natural Limestone it’s unique quality.

Its texture is smooth yet soft as Natural Limestone is a composite stone formed over thousands of years of different minerals and pressure. Its texture is a smooth yet soft. Natural Limestone, like all things, requires care and the right knowledge on how to look after it.

Treatment of Natural Limestone should be consulted with a member of the ‘Esher Fireplaces’ team as it has its own traits and care requirements.