An estimated 1.5m British homes have traditional log burning stoves in their living rooms, with some households finding them a useful alternative to having the heating on this winter, especially when bills are so high. With the UK government’s Environmental Improvement Plan 2023 which has introduced stricter rules for burners, here’s a breakdown of the new regulations and what they mean.

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Are they banning stoves and fires?

No, not at all. Wood burning stoves are now subject to stricter regulations, in order to minimise their impact on air quality.

The new legislation states that all new stove or fire sales from January 2022, need to be Ecodesign models.


Are they banning the burning of wood or solid fuels?

You are required to buy cleaner alternative fuels, such as dry wood and manufactured solid fuels which produce less smoke. As these are both cleaner options, easy to source, more efficient to burn and therefore more cost effective.


Can I keep using my existing Stoves?

Yes – The Clean Air Strategy does not say there will be a ban on the use of wood or multi-fuel appliances, nor do you need to modify your appliance. Recommendations however should be made to burn quality dry “Ready to Burn” wood or quality smokeless fuels.


What does Ecodesign mean?

Any product bearing the Ecodesign Ready label meets or exceeds forthcoming stringent EU targets for emissions. These products are the next generation of clean burning, low emission fires, and as such have been recognised as a key part of the Clean Air Strategy by DEFRA. Ecodesign stoves and fires are being supported by the Mayor of London as a positive move towards improving air quality.


Does the legislation affect the use of open fires and fireplaces?

Yes – Open fires and fireplaces will no longer be able to be sold as solid fuel heating appliances after 2022.


So, what now?

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