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The Winterfold 56″ Mantel

Colour matched to your requirements

The Winterfold surround is beautifully handcrafted from timber and made to order, here in Britain. Influenced by our popular Hersham and Silsoe surrounds, the Winterfold draws on elements of both designs to create a surround that is classic and sophisticated.

Featuring clean lines with delicate mouldings on the header and legs, the Winterfold is inspired by classic Victorian design. Supplied in our signature ‘Blenheim Grey’ as a standard painted finish, the Winterfold can also be supplied in a primed finish or painted to your specification.

Pictured: Winterfold in Blenheim Grey, LUX75 electric fire and Solstice basket with a honed granite slip set and hearth.




Interested in something that screams natural and organic? Wood may be for you. Available in a variety of colours/dyes, wood as a material is incredibly versatile. Knots and grains all contribute to the unique characteristics of wooden surrounds. Due to its nature, special clearances have to be adhered when choosing the right fire to go along with your wooden surround.

Treatment of Wood should be consulted with a member of the ‘Esher Fireplaces’ team as it has its own traits and care requirements.



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