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The Lyrel 52″

The Lyrel 52” Portuguese Limestone suite is a fine choice for those seeking a perfectly balanced, consistent and contemporary style mantel. Available with LED ambient lights when fitted with the Voltek 22 electric inset fire. Please note lights are not recommended for the Lyrel when fitted with a gas fire due to the position of the transformer. This stunning suite is also available in the following natural stones  Aegean Limestone and Corinthian Stone



Aegean Limestone

Sourced from the Eastern Mediterranean, our Aegean Limestone surrounds are beautifully unique in character. Each mantel has its own individual fossil formation, veining and colour meaning that each surround is individual. One of the most notable characteristics of Aegean Limestone is its unique texture. The stone is typically creamy white in colour and is characterised by its fine-grained, homogenous structure. The versatility of this beautiful natural stone lends itself to being handcrafted into a variety of contemporary and traditional designs.

Portuguese Limestone

Quarried from various regions in Portugal, Portuguese Limestone was formed over 50 million years ago and is characterised by darker veining alongside fossilised plants and animal life. In terms of aesthetic appeal, Portuguese Limestone is known for its natural beauty and versatility. The unique characteristics of Portuguese Limestone, including colour and texture, are determined by a variety of environmental factors. The unique texture and veining patterns of the limestone add to its visual appeal, creating a sense of depth and dimension.

Corinthian Stone

Quarried in the Western Mediterranean, this honed limestone has a rich sandy colour that provides a delicate warm feel. Its background composition is magnified with unique small fossils and random sedimentary veining. A stone for those seeking a homely, cosy fireplace, Corinthian Stone is also available made to measure.


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