Studio 3 – Glass Fronted

As tastes and designs become more modern as times move on so too do fireplaces. Introducing the Studio Range from Gazco. With a modern design and simplicity in mind the Studio Range has something for any room needing that contemporary feature.

The Largest of the range, the Studio 3 is a dominating gas fire that cannot be missed in a room. The Largest of the Studios, the Studio 3’s size requires its own custom built flue system and chimney breast (Subject to survey and age of property).

Available in a variety of Framing Options either to retain it’s size or to elongate its profile. All frames are listed below.

If heat efficiency isn’t necessary why not look at the Open Fronted version?


Brand – Gazco

Heat Output – 7.30kW

Heat Input – 9.00kW

Efficiency – 81%

Flue Type – Balanced Flue

Maintenance – Annual Servicing, changing Fire & Remote batteries.

Frame Options (W x H x D)

Studio 3 Frames - Open Fronted

Profil – 1426 x 510 x 13

Verve – Not Available

Glass – Not Available

Steel 2 – Not Available

Bauhaus – Not Available

Fuel Effect – Pebble & Stones or Wood Effect

Studio Fuel Effect - Glass Fronted

Internal Lining – Vermiculite, Black Reeded or Black Glass

Studio Lining Options - Glass Fronted


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