eReflex Trento Suites

Creating a designer eReflex installation can be as easy as simply hanging your fire on the wall with the range of Trento Suites. Each Trento Suite features clean and stylish floating shelves for a statement finish that completely houses your fire.

The 110W eReflex Outset fires can be installed as three-sided or two-sided corner fires. For two-sided corner installations, the Trento Left Offset and Trento Right Offset Suites can be positioned with the flush end against the corner of the room.

For perfect symmetry, the Trento Central offers a balanced style that positions the fire in the middle of the Suite. Alternatively, the Left and Right Offset Trento options provide a strikingly asymmetric installation. Depending on your choice of installation, contrasting black Decorative Columns and End Caps can be added to complete your eReflex Trento and heighten appeal.


Have you ever thought of installing a Media Wall to your living space? If you were thinking of installing a TV on top of or near a Hole in the Wall Electric Fire, the regulations for how close you can install these are far more relaxed. You can achieve the modern look you want without having to compromise on orientation or additional heat resistant material costs. You can read more in our Help Guide – Media Wall page.

If you were still looking for a real flame effect fire but your property doesn’t own a flue check out our Balanced Flue Range.

If you’d like to find out more or you’re unsure how or where to start; please Contact Us (We do free surveys & quotations!).


Brand Gazco
Two sided and three sided options
Remote control
Three different flame options Amber, Blue, Amber with Blue Accent
Chromalight Immersive LED system
Flame and fuel effect lighting can be enjoyed without heat
Choice of fuel effects Logs, Grey & Clear Pebbles and Crystal Ice-effect
Thermostatic remote control for ambient heating
Optional base Trim available

Multiple flame effects allow you to tailor your electric stove or fire to achieve your desired ambience. Each flame colour is enhanced by LED down lighting, which bathes the fuel bed in your choice of colours, for a truly immersive display. Available colours vary between models and some of our electric ranges even allow a combination of two different flame colours.

Gazco electric fires and stoves are available with a varied selection of fuel effects that transform each fire’s look and feel. While the available choice differs between ranges, all fuel effects are highly realistic and offers a traditional and authentic aesthetic just like the real thing. When paired with the many vibrant Chromalight® up-lighting colour options, you can create a truly bespoke display. Whichever fuel bed you choose, each fire has an easily removable glass front which lets you quickly mix and match the assortment of effects to suit your mood.


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