The Sandringham 54″

The Sandringham is a simple design similar to The Flat Victorian but with a subtle unique detail. The corbels break up that rigid geometric shape with soft curves and round design.

Please see below to find out what materials we have available to order. All materials are available to see in our showroom.


Natural Marble

When looking for something organic and individual, Natural Marble is one of the best materials to choose if you want your fireplace to tell it’s own story. Each source of Natural Marble is formed differently and features fossils, veining, silt and many more natural occurrences that give Natural Marble it’s unique quality.

With is being such a dense stone it has a polished smooth touch finish. Natural Marble, like all things, requires care and the right knowledge on how to look after it.

Treatment of Natural Marble should be consulted with a member of the ‘Esher Fireplaces’ team as it has its own traits and care requirements.