The Chameleon

The Chameleon is an ‘Esher Fireplaces’ own branded fire and our speciality. Just like the reptile, The Chameleon adapts itself to its surrounding, both in appearance and in our Chameleon’s case its size.

Quite possibly THE most versatile of modern fires, The Chameleon will fit into every Class 1 Conventional Flue. This fire is available in a variety of Frame/Interior styles, allowing you to customise its appearance & size to suit your room’s design.

Each Frame can be custom cut to suit Design Styles, all material options are available to see in store.

Brand – Esher Fireplaces

Heat Output – Size TBC

Heat Input – Size TBC

Flue Type – Conventional Flue

Maintenance – Annual Servicing, changing Fire & Remote batteries.

The Chameleon is made up of three components;

  • The Frame
  • The Firebox
  • The RC Gas Burner

Each component is specifically designed to fit any size of Chamber. The process for this installation is very straight forward;

The Rip Out

Chameleon I

Here the existing fireplace (If there is one) is taken out to expose the maximum space of your property’s Chamber.

The Preparation

Chameleon II

From here we brick up the opening to create the right size opening in accordance with Gas Safe. The sizes of the Chamber space are taken and given to our suppliers to craft the components.

The Installation

Chameleon III

Lastly once everything has been assembled and cut it’s a straight forward installation; sliding the box in, connecting the gas burner and securing the frame.