Studio 1 – Slimline

This new slimmer depth gas fire has been created to allow an easier, quicker and more cost effective installation option for many homes, whilst still retaining all the unmistakable characteristics of the Gazco Studio range.

The Glass Fronted Studio Slimline gas fires have been specifically developed to allow the highly desirable aesthetics of the landscape Studio fires to be achieved in a wider variety of homes by simply recessing into the internal leaf of a cavity wall. Available in two sizes, both come complete with a dedicated rear exit balanced flue termination kit for easy installation.

Although compact in design, these highly efficient fires have a generous heat output which is easily controlled with the Programmable Thermostatic remote control.

Brand – Gazco

Heat Output – 4.3kW

Heat Input – 5.2kW

Efficiency – 82%

Flue Type – Balanced Flue

Maintenance – Annual Servicing, changing Fire & Remote batteries.

Frame Options (W x H x D)

Studio Frames - Slimline


Profil – 836 x 510 x 13

Verve – 1264 x 528 x 56

Glass – 1264 x 528 x 33.5

Steel 2 – 1264 x 528 x 30

Bauhaus – 850 x 524 x 28

Expression – 940 x 614 x 40

Internal Lining

Studio Slimline - Lining