Studio 2 – Open Fronted

As tastes and designs become more modern as times move on so too do fireplaces. Introducing the Studio Range from Gazco. With a modern design and simplicity in mind the Studio Range has something for any room needing that contemporary feature.

The Medium sized fire of the range, the Studio 2 is a modest gas fire that isn’t easily lost in the room. Larger than it’s little brother, the Studio 1, the Studio 2’s size requires a much larger opening to accommodate it (Subject to survey and age of property).

Available in a variety of Framing Options either to retain it’s size or to elongate its profile. All frames are listed below.

If heat efficiency is a box that needs to be ticked why not take a look at the Glass Fronted version?

Brand – Gazco

Heat Output – 2.20kW

Heat Input – 8.80kW

Efficiency – 25%

Flue Type – Conventional Flue

Maintenance – Annual Servicing, changing Fire & Remote batteries.

Frame Options (W x H x D)

Studio Frames - Open Fronted

Firenza – 1500 600 20

Pienza – 1500 600 20

Profil – 950 x 426 x 13

Verve – 1500 x 528 x 54

Glass – 1500 x 528 x 17

Steel 2 – 1354 x 508 x 13

Bauhaus – 964 x 439 x 28

Expression – N/A

Fuel Effect – White Stones or Glass Beads

Studio Fuel Effect - Open Fronted

Internal Lining – Black Steel or Polished Black Granite

Studio Lining Options - Open Fronted