Riva2 F670

Offered in a stylish Graphite steel front, the Gazco F670 Steel gas stove is an attractive alternative to the Glass model and shares all the same firebox technology and lining options.

These innovative gas stoves are capable of producing up to 5.60kW of heat, with an outstanding 82% efficiency, all with easy and convenient operation thanks to the Programmable Thermostatic handset featuring timer and thermostatic temperature controls.

Brand – Gazco

Heat Output – 3.2kW – 5.60kW

Heat Input – 6.8kW

Efficiency – 75% (CF), 82% (BF)

Flue Type – Conventional Flue, Balanced Flue

Additional Requirements – Serviced once every 12 months by a registered Gas Safe Engineer

Conventional Flue

Riva2 F670 (Conventional Flue) - Dimension Guide



Balanced Flue

Riva2 F670 (Balanced Flue) - Dimension Guide