Riva2 530 – HIW

Introducing the Riva2 range. There is a wealth of size and framing options available within the range to perfectly compliment your style and room aesthetics. The Riva2 range offers you the versatility of traditional by combing your choice of fire with a fireplace or going contemporary by putting a frame around it for a Hole in the Wall effect. The range not only gives you stunning looks but convenience too as all fires are built for remote control and as all Riva2 fires are glass fronted they give you the benefit of high heat efficiency.

The Riva2 530 offers itself as a beautiful blend of functioning like an Inset Gas Fire as well as a Hole in the Wall fire. Just like an Inset Gas Fire its size enables it to fit into the majority of chambers/builder’s openings (Subject to Survey).

Available in a variety of Framing Options to your taste. All frames are listed below. If you’d like to add a dash of traditional into your design this fire is available as an Inset Gas Fire.

Brand – Gazco

Heat Output – 5.10kW (CF), 5.40kW (BF)

Heat Input – 6.8kW (CF), 6.60kW (BF)

Efficiency – 75% (CF), 82% (BF)

Flue Type – Conventional Flue, Balanced Flue

Maintenance – Annual Servicing, changing Fire & Remote batteries.

Frame Options (W x H x D)

Designio2 Steel – 610 x 704 x 38

Designio2 Glass – 610 x 704 x 40

Evoke Steel/Glass – 795 x 752 x 40

Verve – 690 x 835 x 59


Internal Lining – Vermiculite, Black Reeded, Brick Effect or Black Glass

Riva2 530