Curvation Midi

The Curvation gas stove have an extremely high efficiency, testing up to 83%. The technology gives you a superior depth and height of flame, plus the Eco-Flame feature allows the flame to alternate from the back to the front, giving a dancing depth of flame that uses 50% less gas.

  • Large Glass Front and Side Windows
  • Double Burner technology for variable Flame Picture
  • Low running costs and higher effeciency
  • Remote Control Reciever runs either on a battery operated system or by mains electricity
  • Eco-Flame setting for lower running costs
  • Ceramic log fuel bed
  • No Hearth required (Provided clearances are met)

Other models include the Curvation – Tall & Curvation – Pesdestal

Brand – Capital Fireplaces

Heat Output – 5.5kW

Heat Input – 6.7kW

Flue Type – Balanced Flue

Maintenance – Annual Servicing, changing Fire & Remote batteries.